Vision & Approach

Transydex aims to provide software products and solutions most suited for business processes and requirements of our clients, with minimal Total Cost of Ownership(TCO).

Transydex products and services try to address business problems using simple and commonsense solutions. The business processes and issues are first analyzed to identify the challenges and then streamline the processes. Once the processes are streamlined, the software solution is custom designed to cater to the exact requirements of the organization.

Unlike a majority of existing software practices where software development is just a technical activity, we provide custom fit solutions that are tailored to an organizations processes and systems. The sale of our products / solutions is not followed by an extensive implementation efforts and added costs for additional hardware and software.

Transydex believes in keeping software solutions simple and cost effective so that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is minimal over its life time.

The lifetime cost of Transydex products and services will be quite minimal, and also require minimal management bandwidth from the client organization.

Transydex team has a combined experience of over 100 years in managing business processes and in developing software solutions for critical business like eCommerce, Railways, Pharma and Retail.

Our Management Team

Venu Atmakur

Mr. Venu Atmakur brings 15+ years of experience across a diverse fields of industry. He has over 7 years of experience in providing cutting edge process management solutions to Fortune 500 companies operating in the eCommerce space using a mix of IT and process driven solutions.

He has previously worked in companies like eClerx, Siemens, Reliance & Mahindra.

Samir Sudrik
Project Manager

Mr. Samir Sudrik has 15+ years of experience in developing IT solutions for various types of industries. He is an expert in using open source technologies like PHP and MySQL in building solutions for varied uses like Retail (Point of Sale), Sales force management, Customer complaints management, etc. Mr. Sudrik is the Project Manager, responsible for all our development efforts.

Chief Architect

Mr. Raju brings with him 35+ years of rich experience in conceiving, developing and deploying IT solutions across the industry. His greatest contributions are to the Indian Railways in terms of building the most used Passenger Reservations System and a host of other application like the ubiquitously known IVR (135/137, etc).Mr. Raju is the Chief Architect at Transydex.