Digital Marketing Services


Transydex Digital Marketing framework is a comprehensive framework for an all-round improvement of all digital marketing parameters. We do not just focus on a specific parameter like keywords and leave all other parameters untouched. We will continuously engage with your marketing team to understand your priorities, your product launches, your special offers, etc and build an appropriate digital marketing plan. We also ensure all efforts (resources and advertisement expenses) are utilized for the best purpose. All online marketing metrics are continuously measured to ensure that we are making adequate progress.


Methodology (ADEPT Digital Marketing Methodology)

Our Digital marketing support starts with identifying the components of all marketing activities and defining an all-inclusive Digital Marketing strategy. Our methodology focuses on results and integrates well with the budgeting and planning process of the client.

Audit of digital marketing readiness

  • Comprehensive audit covering all aspects of digital marketing
  • Assess people readiness
  • Evaluate metrics and
  • Understand all marketing efforts

Design / Revise digital marketing strategy

  • Mix of traditional marketing, digital marketing and PR activities
  • Identify channels within digital marketing
  • Calendar of digital marketing activities
  • Define targets and metrics

Execution of digital marketing activities

  • Organic marketing activities
  • Paid marketing support

Performance Analysis

  • Measure the impact of all activities

Training in digital mind set

  • Establish the process of managing digital marketing activities as part of the overall marketing efforts