Are you generating a large number of leads that are not converted?

Is your poor conversion rate affecting your and company performance?

B2B sales are specific and targeted at a smaller customer segment unlike in B2C where the customer base is higher. The deal sizes, the duration for closure and efforts involved in B2B sales is significantly higher. All this makes it important for companies to leverage all channels and ensure the conversion rate is higher.

Companies in IT services and products have traditionally relied on their inside sales teams to generate leads. However, many companies struggle to convert their leads into profitable clients and business.

Among the many reasons, here are a few important ones:

  • Lack of clarity on offerings
  • Lack of talent (too costly) for engaging with clients
  • Lack of appropriate strategy for client engagement

It is necessary for companies to ask the fundamental question – what business are we in? It is essential that a consultant validates the offerings with an external perspective. Dilution of core idea will lead to multiple tracks of business that is unmanageable for small companies / startups.

It's also costly to onboard sales and marketing talent. Companies in the growth stages require massive investment into sales & marketing efforts; at the same time they don't have enough resources for this investment. Rather than get caught up in a vicious cycle, they need to identify good partners who can offer these services at a small cost.

Finally, it is effective client engagement and influencing that helps companies drive conversions. Being high on recall, influencing through multiple channels and an effective communication strategy – all help improve conversions and reduce leads going waste.

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